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Ecanusiofiel with Allure of the Sea!
Winning Image:
Allure's Cove by Ecanusiofiel

With a wonderfully detailed traditional style, the rest of Ecan's gallery is a blast to explore!

Make a Splash...On The Big Stage: Angel of Music by EcanusiofielUneasy Friendship by Ecanusiofiel
Dare to Dream by Ecanusiofiel


Welcome to the Official Nordanner Group!

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Put the ID number first
- then we will register your horse faster!

Due to some new admin changes, you will get your horse
registered a lot faster if you write the ID number in the
BEGINNING of your deviation title.
Like "213 Bellamir", "675 Elephantboots" etc. Thank you!

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| Nordanner Breedsheets |
| Membership info |
| What you need to know |
| Registration |
| Foal Designs - Rules & Examples |
| Kaaring |
| Breeding |
| The Group Horse Program |
| ID 1-600 |
| ID 601-1200 |
| ID 1201-1800 |
| ID 1801-2400 |
| ID 2401-3000 |
| ID 3000-3600 |
| ID 3601-4200 |
| ID 4201-4800 |
| ID 4801-5400 |
| ID 5401-6000 |
| ID 6001-6600 |
| ID 6601-7200 |
| ID 7201-7800 |
| ID 7801-8400 |
| ID 8401-9000 |
| ID 9001-9600 |
| IDs 9601-9999 |
| Foal IDs |
| Joker IDs |
| Quinn IDs |
| Member Advertisement |
| Kaaring List |
| Unlockable Kaaring Potions |
| Genetics/color help |
| BlackList |

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The Nordanner imports can only be created by Cloudrunner64 and associates.

Nordanner is an official Sister Breed to

Ready for your first Nordie? 

10 deviants said Fun things everywhere! :iconlawooplz:
4 deviants said Or do you already have some and just want to meet new people and have a good time?
4 deviants said Nordanner Newbie Gala - WINNERSRNG has spoken! Since we decided not to have 1st/2nd/3rd place, I chose the first five people instead. Everyone received a ticket for participating and we awarded extras for effort as well. Let's get to your prizes!
1. Saefaxa
You've won: A custom Nordanner (7 genes), first choice of the horses in the pool, a slot to any of the natural group horses, and 1,500 :points:. Please let us know what you'd like for your custom, which horse you'll be choosing, and what group horse you'd like a slot to. Congratulations!
2. BiscottiStables
You've won: Second choice of the horses in the pool, a slot to any of the natural group horses, and 1,000 :points:. Congratulations! Please let us know which horse you'll be choosing and what group horse you'd like a slot to.
3. Reldia
You've won: Third choice of the horses in the pool, a slot to any of the natural group horses, 500 :points: and +15 kaaring to the horse of your choice! Congratulations. Please let us know which horse you'd like an
2 deviants said Check out the Newbie Gala!
1 deviant said And if you're ready to grab that special Raelans for your life, we're having an art auction over there too!
1 deviant said Raelan Art Auctions!Thank you to everyone who entered in this art auction!  We've put our heads together and judged the entries.  
Here are the winners:
#17 Night-angel-stable with
#19 QuirkyDoodle with
#29 rempage with
#34 ArkaikDreamer with
#40 Moonpaw449 with
#41 FlyingAce1917 with
#42 TheMs0kitty with
#53 TotecTripled with
#54 Padfoot7411 with
#57 EmeraldTheWolf with
Please remember to get your new Raelans registered :)
Have you been waiting to add a Raelan to your collection of animals? Do you love cats?  This is the event for you!
Finally, the time for art auctions is here! Please take time to read this carefully and don't be afraid to ask questions if I have missed anything.
This art auction is open to everyone.
This auction starts now.
End date: September 1

Weekly Stats

6 accepted
nothing happening
248 accepted, 29 denied
nothing happening
nothing happening
nothing happening




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MuchasBellas Featured By Owner 2 days ago
May I have an invite please?
kalmanen Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Invited :)
Anhurs Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
hey so idk if this is mentioned anywhere but with grey foal designs do we have to show the grayed version of the horse??? or no?

also i have a grey with brindle, with the brindle fade completely or will it look like this… ;o;
kalmanen Featured By Owner 2 days ago
You don't have to :) Some people prefer to post the greyed out design, or do a process shot by shot (basecoat, then whatever year gap they like between the stages of greying until the foal is pure white, f.ex. 0-3 years, 3-10 years, 10-15 years, +15 years), but most common is non-greyed design only. Brindle will grey/fade out, so that kind of phase would technically be possible (the brindle striping being in process of greying as well, and the basecoat greying more where it shows in larger parts), but having completely non-greyed out brindle with white base coat is a no-no. 
Anhurs Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
okay ;w; thanks!!
also are bloody shoulders still allowed??
kalmanen Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Yes, they have always been allowed, however they should be within reasonable limitations and one marking/splash of bloody shoulder should not cover half of the horse. They can be broken to multiple parts, be near or far from each other etc. there's not a whole lot of regulating aside from that it needs to look natural and usually very chimera-like (does not create anykind of symbols, images, ambulances or cat faces in your horse). Despite the name, the marking can be placed elsewhere other than the shoulder area :) Generally IRL horses that come up in google when you put in "bloody shoulder grey horse" or something similar are good for ideas/references on where to go with the marking/greying.
(1 Reply)
EquestrianJade Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Hello, could I get invited to be a member of the group. I just bought my first Nordanner and would like to submit her reference. 
Thank you very much.
kalmanen Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Invited :)
EquestrianJade Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Thanks ^^
JotunheimAcres Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey guys!
Are you going to continue Monthly themes?
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